I've had 2 years gap after my A-levels and trust me when I say this that during these 2 years I've frequented alot of consultancy and been to numerous education fairs. But I decided to go with nirvana because they were able to help me with what alot of consultancy failed to which was actual guidance and not just sugar coated talks.

Super comfortable to talk to and they do all the works "correctly". I would recommend all my friends who are having hard time with their documentation and processing to just give this consultancy a try. Just book an appointment and have a talk with them. You will surely not regret it!

Tenzing Choekyi


This is the first review I am writing for anyone ever. That should tell you something about how much I value Nirvana. I applied with a bunch of my other friends who used various other consultants. So I have a pretty good understanding of the benchmark and I can firmly say that Nirvana goes out of their way to make sure that you not just get into ‘a’ but ‘the’ Best- college/ university. They are super dedicated to their clients. They are very comfortable to communicate with . They will be there with you from start to the very end .. and will be there to answer your every questions, confusions and curiosities, Go ahead and work with them without any worries...you won’t regret it.

Mamata Tamang


Just imagine of abroad and here it is Nirvana for you to make your dream come true. No burden and No pressure, Relax and let them do the work. Extremely helpful staffs and administration, Proper and step wise guidance for every documentation from beginning to end of process and most noteworthy, Nirvana is going to help you at the stages where you get stuck. Trust, Positive attitude and every single person handled with same dedication and priority; this is the reputation of Nirvana.

I am grateful and thanks to Mr. Shiva Tripathi for all the help and assist. Wish for its progress.

Dinesh Shah


I would like to thank all of you for putting some efforts in order to make my dream come true. I simply can't find the words to express my emotions now. However, I just want you to let you know how much I appreciate the positive influence you have had on my life. Thank you for your concern and useful advice..
In addition, I would like to recommend this consultancy to anyone looking forward for applying Australia as I found them humble and nice Everytime

Rosa Shrestha

elisa rimal

I am very much grateful and thankful to Nirvana team. I was almost hopeless of getting my visa rejected by many universities. But continuous effort of Shiva sir made my dream come true. I have no any words to thank u sir. I am just speechless. Your support means a lot for me. I am very lucky to have u people (Shiva sir and Smriti di) in my life. Thank u so much. And I recommend Nirvana Counselling Center for everyone.
Nirvana Counselling Center Designs our career.

Elisha Rimal


Its been a wonderful time with Nirvana family with all the positivity and motivation provided by Mr. Shiva Tripathi. If anyone got issues while processing for further study in Australia , well he finds the solution one way or another. Moreover, having him as a guide and agent he is more like a brother. (TRUST) is what applicants have with their agent while processing and that is what has never been doubted with Nirvana family.


rt sedhai

Dedicated staff, proper counselling and very punctual with visa works. I am very grateful to nirvana consultancy for providing me guidance even after coming to Australia. Thank u to shiva dai and his team.

Rt Sedhai


It is the best consultancy as far as i know..i have been through many consultancies but nirvana and their team were the best..we believed in nirvana as well as nirvana believed in us..happy to be a part of nirvana and their team..thank you nirvana for your support and hard work !!specially shiva sir..we are really thankful

Sabindra Man Shrestha


Perfect place for those people who want to go abroad for their further studies...i suggest everyone to visit this place...thank you to team nirvana for everything and for their love and support.

Alesa Khatri