About Us



Nirvana Counseling Center is professional educational advising agency offering high quality yet affordable and reliable test preparation and accurate advising services for students seeking to study abroad for Australia. We practice improving our processes and services continually so as to seek higher levels of excellence. We provide the students authentic and up-to-date information on the universities and our dedicated and experienced staffs make the application process effective and time saving.

Nirvana Counselling Centre is a very reliable platform that you can trust upon.We believes in building relationships of trust. We understand that our clients invest immense trust in us respecting this association; we do not under any circumstance compromise on integrity. Despite Nepal having one of the poorest economies in the world, we have always maintained a commitment to placing the well- qualified Nepalese students into the best possible ‘right fit’ schools in abroad. We always aspire to match students with the institutions that best suit them academically and financially as well as socially. We have very informed and amicable advisors who enthusiastically guide the students from the day they step in Nirvana to the day before their departure to their destination.


Message From MD


I take this opportunity to welcome all those who have dream to study abroad. We are established in 2014 with a strong connection with International Universities and Colleges, so as to a gain and provide the students the right link to their future goals and open the new horizons of knowledge and opportunities for the new generation in the pace of globalization.

We are established with the prime and pious objective to help students in their pursuance of higher education abroad in many countries. We believe that chance always favors the prepared mind which is why we believe in being prepared first and then guiding you towards your dreams.



At Nirvana, we believe in the leveraging capabilities of our experienced teams, networks and our established resources to channelize aspirations and ambitions of our valued student. We aim to pursue ethical means to cater to and complement the services of our partner organizations globally to further grow and meet the expectations of our students and guardians.


Our vision is to empower our capabilities to serve our students better to become a leading brand in the sector and develop a respectable level of relationship with our partner institutions globally.


  • To serve as an organization for pooling all information, about educational opportunities in various streams in Colleges / Universities in Nepal and abroad so that the same is shared with the student community.

  • To contribute in the discussions about the quality of higher education imparted in an increasingly diverse higher education arena and also the implications of globalization on higher education.

  • To create awareness on the impact of higher education in a globalize society on the social, political, economical and cultural dimensions.

  • To reach the message of quality education and create awareness about the available opportunities in various streams of education in different part of the world.

  • To help, guide, counsel and facilitate the students in proper course selection, admission and visa procedure.

  • To co-ordinate the efforts of the students in their career path.

  • To act as representative for Universities in AUSTRALIA.

  • To assist the Universities for recruitment of eligible students.

  • To act as a liaison between the universities and the Government and to co-operate between other universities or educational bodies in matters of common interest.

  • To facilitate teaching / research staff and students exchange programs.

  • To facilitate and organize conferences and seminars on matters of international importance and awakening.

  • To assist universities in obtaining recognition for their degrees, diplomas and examinations, Nepali as well as foreign.